Set at some time in the past or the present or the future and not in any defined country. ‘She’ is the name of an Artist, arrested and imprisoned by a regime that forbids Art.

She is without a name, anonymous, without a presence in the world, the none-existence of a political prisoner.

Held captive in a prison cell. Alone and frightened, surrounded by noises and screams of torture and explosions and battle cries of the approaching war, She fears for her life.

Can the approaching allies reach her in time? Is this the end of Art and freedom?

Heart breaking,

beautiful, uplifting.

5 Stars

“I like the physicality of the film, the visuals and sound, a powerful work, with tones of Beckett, Borowczyk and Shepitko.”
Brian Morton

From the depths of despair

an artist’s resilience, in a war against tyranny and Art is the victor

5 Stars

“The film depicts a world of unspecified time or place. The music is likewise indefinable, evoking hints of Western classical and European folk melody.”
Chris Best