We didn’t believe it could happen here did we?

5 Stars

“a hybrid of performance art and theatre, war and art, the never-ending fight for freedom, this is not a film, it’s a work of art”
Georgette Berger


When the writing was there on the wall as big as it was, but we didn’t believe.

Born Criminal Born Criminal
Born Criminal
Born Criminal


I don’t have war, it has me.


A well-spent day brings happy sleep,
A well-spent life brings happy death.
And our free hearts and minds carry on, into Eternity

5 Stars

Branded- Born Criminal is a Kafkaesque tone poem of startling, unnerving complexity. Beautifully shot but horrifying in its depiction of the persecution of artists in dictatorial nations, it signals a frightening future in which the present-day brutal repression of free minds by dictators becomes global. At times the film is unremittingly grim. Yet its 70-minute running-time seemed over before I had blinked an eye, its paradoxical beauty leaving me thirsty for more: not withstanding its soul-wrenching subject matter, there is a joyousness at its heart - the joyousness of art. Written, acted, and directed by Pauline Amos, Branded- Born Criminal is a triumph.

Chris Salewiz, author.

5 Stars

Even though the format of this art is a film, with all of the great technical excellence demonstrated by the team that made it - actually it is more like a poem. It is an eloquent dialogue between the artist and herself, revealed in moving pictures, sound, and imagery. It is a Ulysses. No one has ever explained and communicated so powerfully and vividly what it is like to fully inhabit an artist's consciousness. Pauline Amos’s brilliant work transcends its format, and points in the direction of what inner life and the creation of art is truly all about. - John Cummins. Branded- Born Criminal is LIFE. GROUNDBREAKING. To see such great and uncompromising work, to be around an amazing creative spirit. I feel like a new person.

Poppy Jackson, artist.

5 Stars

The images are seared into my imagination; at times it looked like a renaissance masterpiece, beautifully evoked despite, the grim story. A woman’s struggle to be free will always get my vote and yours was a testament to art and survival in itself.

Mariella Frostrop, author, journalist.

5 Stars

This is not a film, it is a work of art. Branded- Born Criminal sits in a genre of one, it isn’t experimental nor is it commercial.

G. Berger

5 Stars

The demise of a woman’s life and for her the painful reality of a regime that has criminalised art. Harsh truths softened by a beautiful poetic script, delicate and a raw with a down to the bone, performance. A somewhat cruel film, and yet surprisingly uplifting.


Homage to Artists who have been murdered for their Art
And for all those who are trapped in a regime where creativity
And freedom is stifled, illegal and punishable.