A Ukrainian British Production


A reminder of what has gone before

  • Pauline Amos
  • Nazar Grabar
  • Kateryna Polishchuk

Branded Born Criminal is a woman’s defiance, in the face of atrocity, to uphold Art and Freedom. Branded has a powerful message that resonates in Ukraine and around the world.

You Can’t Stop Art. You Can’t Stop Freedom.

Artistic expression is not a luxury, it is a necessity. A Human Right. To repel the invader, the bond between artists, writers, free thinkers and freedom fighters must always be strong, with esprit de corps.

We artists are the voice of freedom

We are grateful to everyone who has generously given time and experience to the development of Branded.

Nazar Grabar

Before the war with Russia began, Nazar Grabar was an actor and model. He and his brother joined the Ukrainian army. His brother was killed. Nazar is the voice of Francis Bacon in Branded.

Kateryna Polishchuk

Kateryna Polishchuk, also known as Ptashka, the Bird of Azovstal.

Before the war, Kateryna was a singer. She was captured by the Russians and was a prisoner of war for four months. They were released on exchange. It is Kateryna, with her real experience of captivity, who has done the voice role of Pauline Amos, who played a woman in a prison cell, a political prisoner, an artist who was abandoned by a repressive regime.

Support Ukraine

Branded is a reminder of what has gone before. A statement, a protest, and a warning supporting the Ukrainian message. Emphasising to the world the importance of winning the war with Russia, to maintain freedom.

Gathering support around the world

Payback4Ukraine campaign is a not-for-profit programme that provides justice for Ukraine: the campaign uses strategic litigation to give reparations to ordinary Ukrainian people.

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The Mama Jane Foundation is a charitable organization that provides humanitarian aid to children who were evacuated from the occupied territories and deals with the psychological rehabilitation of children who went through the occupation or were abducted by Russia during the war.

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5 Stars

“The film depicts a world that avoids pinning it to time or place, the music and melody, with hints of Eastern European, folk music, and crossing centuries, are appropriately indefinable.”

Chris Best Composer, Author

5 Stars

"Born Criminal is a Kafkaesque tone poem of startling, unnerving complexity. Horrifying in its depiction of the persecution of artists in dictatorial nations. Beautifully shot; its paradoxical beauty leaving me thirsty for more: not withstanding its soul-wrenching subject matter, there is a joyousness at its heart - the joyousness of art. Born Criminal is a triumph."

Chris Salewicz, Author

5 Stars

"The images are seared into my imagination. At times, looking like a Renaissance masterpiece, beautifully evoked, despite the grim story. A woman’s struggle to be free will always get my vote; a testament to art and survival."

Mariella Frostrup, Broadcaster and Author

5 Stars

"Born Criminal is an eloquent dialogue between the artists and herself, revealed in moving pictures, sound, and imagery. It is a Ulysses. No one has ever explained and communicated so powerfully and vividly what it is like to fully inhabit an artist’s consciousness; a brilliant work that transcends its format."

John Cummins, Media Executive

5 Stars

"Provocative script and film and entirely relevant to today’s world. Outstanding."

Tim Spicer, OBE

5 Stars

"Pauline Amos’ film is an incredible, allegorical enterprise, and will without a doubt enter history for its candid interpretation of the war."

M.C. Llamas, Curator

5 Stars

"Important and timely work. Enthralling."

Lucy Turner, Author and Activist

Director / Writer / Producer

Pauline Amos

U.K Executive Producer

Colin Vaines

U.A. Executive Producer

Jane Alieva


Kateryna Polishchuk


Nazar Grabar

Theme song

Pauline Amos
Ukrainian adaptation Andriy Osadchuk

Additional Footage Editor

Natasha Westlake

Additional Audio Edit, London

Colin Potter

Translation Agency

Ultimate Languages Ltd, U.K.

Mart Recording Studio

Studio Engineer
Alex Mazur, Kyiv, Ukraine

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