My Perfect Day

Creative performance and painting artist Pauline Amos gives U an insight to her ‘Perfect Day’

How do you start your day?

I like to wake up at around 6 am. I then lie in bed with my dogs whilst pencilling ideas in my drawing book for half an hour. Following this, I throw my clothes on, make some coffee and perform some yoga. I make sure all my existing emails and notes are sorted before I start the day. Then if there’s time I run round to Raouls on Talbot Road for breakfast for some fruit, muesli and more coffee.

Leisurely lunch go to?

I love Hix on Brewer Street, the menu is great for pescatarians like me (I haven’t eaten red meat since school) and it has a cool, arty and funky vibe. Mark Hix, the chef, also has one of my paintings at his Bankside restaurant!

Favourite way to pass the time in London?

Walking, I can walk for miles in London – from Shoreditch to Soho or from Soho to Notting Hill. Through streets or parks, finding new places and old buildings. However, it is the people that I pay most attention to – what do they do? Where are they going? I love to watch the movement of the city whilst taking lots of photos on my phone or with my film camera, an old Olympus trip. It’s all research material!

Favourite London landmarks, and why?

St James’s Park is my favourite part of London. The lake and willow trees in the early mornings of June are beautiful. Secondly, any part of the River Thames, I particularly love the fast currents and moving waters.

Tipple of choice and favourite cocktail hangouts?

I don’t drink often but if I do I either have a very dry vodka martini with a twist or Black Cow vodka, which I think is the best vodka because it is very smooth.

Favourite dining destinations, and why?

Scott’s never fails. I always have the oysters then ask for a mountain of side orders with it, including lots of veg and salad mixed onto one plate. I then just have a bottle of water with lemon. That’s it. The waiters never hesitate and always deal with quirkiness. The most excellent people work there and it has never dropped in standard.

Final stop for a nightcap, and why?

If I was hanging out in Soho I’d drop into Groucho Club or Soho House. I also love French House on Dean Street as it is full of characters. If I’m in Shoreditch, I like to go pubs like Pride of Spitalfields or if I’m looking for something more salubrious, I like to go to hotel bars. The Goring Hotel is special.

Rest hangover remedy?

I try to work and distract myself from it. If that doesn’t work I try a fast burst of exercise. If that doesn’t work, I go for an 11 am bloody mary. However, I prefer working with a clear head so I don’t drink in the week.

Where next on your travels?

South of France at the end of September.

British born Pauline Amos has a unique style of work combining performance, painting and music. Amos has a PhD from Dartington College of Arts, and has drawn international acclaim for her provocative, powerful and bold works.

In Amos’ latest body of works ‘Pity the Meat’ she pays homage to the writing of Deleuze and Francis Bacon. Also referencing the ‘body without organs’ by Antonin Artaud, a rejection of pre-determined organisation imposed on the body. Amos’ improvisational approach to her work is as a ‘Demonstration of Liberation’ from societal codes, political inscription, dogma and doctrine. Amos’ dramatic work is her understanding of the human condition, a response to the world around her and with an underlying narrative of her life and experiences.

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